I’ll do anything for him . . . I’ll risk everything to save her.


Danger seems to be at every turn.

But, I’m not backing down. Saving Caleb and my friends is my only goal. After all, they’re my family now, and we should all be on the same page. But when a secret surface, nobody is prepared.  Now, I’m torn between loyalty, love, and revenge.  

It could destroy Caleb—and everything we’ve become. 


Liar, manipulator, and killer.

My father is the king of sin. I’m just like him. But Paige is my savior now, healing the broken pieces within me and creating a man so unlike the one I was trained to be. She deservers the world, so I have no other choice.  I need to get my father out of our lives for good.

Risking love got me here. Now, I’m fighting for it the only way I know how. Someone needs to die.  

It just can’t be Paige. It just can’t be me.

Series: Danger and Attraction, Book 3
(Not a standalone)
Genre: New Adult/Romantic Suspense