When a heart is broken, it withdraws, shielding itself from further pain, but also from further life.

Brandon Kuvat gave up on love ten years ago—the year he was set to become a dad. A wealthy playboy pilot, he still sees plenty of action, but he’s not the man he once was. Or the man he wishes he could be.

Wounded by a disastrous relationship, Jordan Artesian, has put her whole self into her work, nurturing her dreams of owning her own fashion line. But though her creativity blooms, the rest of her is still frozen.

When Brandon encounters Jordan, he knows immediately she is different. But he also knows hurting her is inevitable. Still, he can’t stay away, and even if they’ll only have a friendship, he needs her in his life.

Jordan finds Brandon irritating, but somehow intriguing. A friendship with him seems manageable—at least at first. She isn’t supposed to find his charming, challenging ways attractive. He isn’t supposed to make her feel things she’s given up on feeling.

For these two, friendship will never be enough—not when she’s what he needs to heal, and he’s what she needs to feel again. But can they find their way down the path of friendship to truly love and trust each other, or will they just destroy each other’s hearts all over again?