A Romantic Suspense


Nearly five years ago, my mom, dad, and sisters had been assassinated.
I should have died that night. 
I still questioned my mental state because I had no proof theyhad been after me. But, since then, I’d been trying to outrun my past and the men responsible for what had happened that night.
Until I met him—Caleb Connor.
Caleb became my safety net, and I found I couldn’t pull away from him. Couldn’t run away from him. And, if sanity hadn’t been lost on me, I would have recognized he was the last person I should have let into my life. 
The last person I should have trusted.

My life had been anything but normal until Paige. She was supposed to be an opportunity, my father’s next target.
I should have stayed away. It should’ve been that simple. But it wasn’t. 
Paige was my main ingredient to changing everything, and in order to do that, I needed to get inside her head. It wasn’t easy, but when it happened, a line was crossed we’d never known existed. 
Now, Paige had to confront her past and everything that tormented her at night because a look into the past was the only solution to everything we’d been afraid of questioning. 

Who am I, and who is she?


A Romantic Suspense

After everything I’d been through, I’d grown weaker, but that needed to change. Caleb was too close to the enemy to do what needed to be done. Alex Connor needed to suffer, and I would do whatever it took to make him pay, even if it meant losing Caleb, my rock, my everything.

There was only one thing I’d ever really wanted in life. My freedom. A sense of hope in a world where disappointment didn’t come after. Except, the freedom I’d wanted at first was nothing like the air I wanted to breathe with her. The moment I’d met Paige, she’d become my center, the core of my existence, and I would do everything in my power to keep her safe.


A Romantic Suspense

The conclusion of Paige and Caleb’s story

The stakes were higher. And as our past, present, and future collided, we should be on the same page. But what if I knew something that would destroy him, and us?
I would do anything for him.
Anything for us.

My father was a liar, a manipulator, a killer. He was—me. Only, the longer I’d been away from him, the more those broken pieces of myself had been gravitating back together. But what would be the worst thing that could ever happen, and could I stop it?