A Romantic Suspense

Sometimes the only way to outrun your past is to run into it.

Nearly five years ago, my mom, dad, and sisters were assassinated.
I should have died that night, and it still tortures me.
I haven’t been able to get close to anyone until I meet Caleb Connor, the last person I should trust.
He’s tall, gorgeous, lethal, and everything I never dreamed of . . . until now.

Paige is supposed to be an opportunity and my father’s next target.
I should stay away, but no one has drawn me in more.
I need Paige to get out from underneath my father’s thumb, but with each revelation comes a new question.
Nothing is what it seems, and some secrets should stay buried, or people will die.

Can Paige risk trusting Caleb, even if it means life or death?
And how can he protect her when he’s connected to everything she has grown to fear?


A Romantic Suspense

After everything I’ve been through, I’ve grown weaker, and that needs to change. Alex Connor needs to suffer, and I will do whatever it takes to make him pay, even if it means losing Caleb—my rock, my everything. But he’s too close to the enemy to do what needs to be done.

There are only two things I’ve ever really wanted in life, my freedom, and a sense of hope in a world where disappointment might not come after. But that’s nothing compared to the life I now dream of for Paige, with Paige. She’s my center, the core of my existence, and I will do everything in my power to keep her safe.


A Romantic Suspense

Our past, present, and future is about to collide, and the stakes are higher.
We should be on the same page, but what if I know something that might destroy Caleb and us? I would do anything for him.
Anything for us.

My father is a liar, a manipulator, a killer. He was—me. Only, the longer I’ve been away from him, the more those broken pieces of myself have been gravitating back together. But the battle isn’t over, the worst thing that could happen will happen.

The only question is, can he save her?