Coming January 30, 2019

The conclusion of Paige and Caleb’s story

*Description subject to change*

I’d missed the opportunity before to unravel the depth of deceit in our lives. But as our past, present, and future collide, this marked the end of all the things Caleb and I had kept from each other. Everything needed to be resolved before his trial. The stakes were higher, and we should be on the same page this time around. We needed to be . . . but what if I knew something that would destroy him, destroy us? I would do anything for him. Anything for us, because this was our last chance to end this war, or it could be the end of us.

The question wasn’t what was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, it was, what would be the worst thing?
I started a war with the last man I should have ever been forced to go against. Alex Connor. My father. He was a liar. A manipulator. A killer. He was—me. Not your average person. He’d made sure of that when I was growing up. But the more I’d been away from him, the more those broken pieces inside had been gravitating back together. The mind was a powerful thing. And love, was a weakness. A strength. A four-letter word for loyalty. Where was mine? Not in the hands of the man who’d made me this way.