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Spotting Mental Health Concerns in Your Employees

Good mental health is essential for employees. Without it, they cannot perform their jobs to their full potential. But can managers identify the signs of mental health concerns before employees start struggling? Over half of employees (53 percent) reported a decline in their own personal health last 12 months, according to a recent Gallup survey. …

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Does Medical Marijuana Lead to Substance Abuse?

Does this medical marijuana lead to substance abuse? Many people who smoke marijuana claim that it helps them cope with pain or anxiety and that it’s helped them stop using other drugs. However, others claim that marijuana use can lead to addiction and substance abuse. So, the question is what to believe and what to …

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Does Anxiety Make You Tired & What Other Symptoms Should You Look Out For?

If you have been feeling stressed lately and noticed that you are fatigued a lot more than normal, you could be experiencing anxiety. Anxiety comes with a variety of symptoms, so it is no wonder that tiredness may be part of that, but what other symptoms do you need to look out for?
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What Is Burnout and How Can We Get Through It

Burnout is the emotional and mental state of feeling drained from work and not wanting to continue doing it. It often follows a period of intense stress and overwork. Burnout is usually associated with employees on the fast-track in their careers who are anxious to get ahead of their desk-mates. These employees are often “working …