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Ways to Make Healthy Personal Relationships

Relationships are fundamental to our lives, but cultivating healthy ones is not as simple as it seems. Whether romantic or platonic, we invest our time, energy, and emotions in every relationship we have. Relationships should be mutually beneficial, but they can also be filled with struggle. Relationships are at the heart of a healthy and …

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Physical Therapy through CBD Oil: Benefits & Risks

Anyone ever been injured knows how painful and frustrating the healing process can be. Unfortunately, exercise isn’t always viable for people suffering from chronic pain or an injury not fully healed. But thanks to new treatments such as CBD oil for physical therapy, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of physical activity. …


Malic Acid: How Can It Benefit You?

Malic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, and the liver that plays a key role in the body’s metabolism. It’s often used as an over-the-counter treatment for indigestion and acid reflux, but it’s also touted for its weight loss benefits. Studies have suggested that malic acid supplements can increase …

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CGRP Migraine Treatments Don’t Increase the Risk of MOH

10 Things You Need to Know About Medication-Overuse Headache Headaches are the most common medical condition treated by doctors in the U.S., with diagnoses ranging from tension headaches to migraines. They can occur periodically or may be chronic, meaning that you experience them regularly. And medications can provide relief for many people with chronic headaches. …

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Does Anxiety Make You Tired & What Other Symptoms Should You Look Out For?

If you have been feeling stressed lately and noticed that you are fatigued a lot more than normal, you could be experiencing anxiety. Anxiety comes with a variety of symptoms, so it is no wonder that tiredness may be part of that, but what other symptoms do you need to look out for?
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